Britney Spears, great marketing professor?! Who knew?! 
Blockbuster/Tent Poll Movie #marketing didn't exist before Tim Burton started bringing Batman to the big screen. Also, I agree with @rogerlmartin about…
I've switched up the format here to do the old 3/2/1 format with 3 links, 2 actions, and 1 quote. We cover the territory of how I came around to this…
Number 5
It is easy to sell a brand new $1500 MacBook Pro for $50 on any street corner in America. That's what Uber did for many the check is due! 
Issue 3
Bud Light Seltzer wants to "educate" the British market on the joys of hard seltzer. My experience working on a project to bring Yellow Tail Wines to a…
Issue 1! Woo! A guide to my foundational ideas and why Smythson's discounting is dangerous! 
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